About XenApp 6.5

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New features included in Citrix Xenapp 6.5 are:

Server Platform Support Citrix AppCenter Session Pre-launch, Session Linger, and Fast Reconnect Controller and Session-Host feature Integration with Desktop Director Citrix HDX Enhancements Migration Center with Graphical User Interface Improved Performance for Pooled Desktops Printing Optimization Receiver Storefront

All the above features are explained below.

About Citrix XenApp 6.5 for Windows Server 2008 R2

This release includes several new features and enhancements to Citrix XenApp.

What’s New

  • Server Platform Support

    The XenApp software can be installed on the following platforms. For all system requirements, see System Requirements.

    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1
  • Windows Desktop Experience IntegrationInstalled by default when installing the XenApp server role, this feature provides a Windows 7 look and feel including desktop customization. PowerShell script options enable administrators to control desktop and environment defaults while allowing end users to customize their desktops.When installed and enabled, this feature also removes the Windows Server Manager Console from the XenApp server’s toolbar and relocates the Citrix XenApp administrative tools such as the AppCenter to the Start menu’s Administrative Tools\Citrix folder. See Delivering XenApp to Software Services Subscribers for more information.

  • Citrix AppCenterThe AppCenter provides a streamlined interface for performing management functions. From the AppCenter, you can manage components administered through other Citrix products, such as Citrix Secure Access and Citrix Single Sign-On. For Citrix XenApp, you can configure and monitor servers, server farms, published resources, and sessions.

  • Session Pre-launch, Session Linger, and Fast ReconnectThis collection of features improves the user experience by eliminating delays when launching and maintaining sessions. By using configurable Session Pre-launch policy settings, a session is started automatically when a user logs on to the farm. By implementing Session Linger policy settings, sessions remain alive for a configurable period before termination, rather than terminating when users close applications.Fast Reconnect, built into XenApp and requiring no configuration, helps minimize delays when users reconnect to existing sessions.

  • Citrix HDX Enhancements

    XenApp includes the latest HDX enhancements:

  • Migration Center with Graphical User InterfaceWith the choice of using a PowerShell cmdlet command line or graphical user interface, XenApp administrators can import application, folder, server configuration, and other XenApp object types from farms running previous versions of XenApp into XenApp 6.5 farms. SeeXenApp Migration Center for requirement and installation information.

  • Improved Performance for Pooled DesktopsApplication launch time in pooled desktop environments is improved through the use of virtual hard disks. Using the Streaming Profiler, virtual hard disks can be created when profiling an application. When the application is launched for the first time, the virtual hard disk is mounted and all the profile contents are copied to the virtual hard disk. For all subsequent launches, the application is launched from the virtual hard disk, resulting in a speedier launch.

  • Printing OptimizationXenApp printing features include improved print session performance, lower bandwidth required for printing, and improved user experience when printing to redirected client printers. Universal Printing policy settings enable the administrator to control print quality, spooling, and optimization defaults. See the printing topics in the Manage node of this documentation for more information.

  • Receiver StorefrontReceiver Storefront authenticates users to XenDesktop sites and XenApp farms, enumerating and aggregating available desktops and applications into stores that users access through Citrix Receiver or a Web page.If your XenApp installation media or download package contains the Citrix Receiver Storefront folder, you can install the Receiver Storefront through the XenApp Server Role Manager provided in that media/package. If your installation media or download package does not contain the Citrix Receiver Storefront folder, you can download an updated XenApp package from My Citrix.

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