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Probable reasons for application incompatibility

  • Installation: Some apps doesnt work on terminal services enviornment.

  • Concurrent Resource use: When application is used by multiple users simultaneously, changes made by one user can impact the application performance/settings for the other users. Hence, a proper testing is needed before an application is published in citrix.

  • Privacy Issues: There might be an organizational confidential application which needs more privacy for every individual user who is accessing the application, and in that case we might encounter privacy issues when that application is published.

  • Performance Issues:┬áThere might be some applications which are not compatible when multiple users are using them. They might take lot of resources when published. Some applications like GIS or maps,which need real time data might take lot of resources.

  • Device Redirection: Applications which needs some other devices/software which needs to be pulled into the ICA session, might not work properly.

If you do have any dependencies like the above mentioned ones, you might have a problem while publishing them in Citrix. Hence, Check your software, do some testing in a test lab or test enviornment and if you are sure it meets your requirement, then start deploying in citrix.

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