Citrix Licensing Daemons

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License Manager Daemon (lmgrd.exe)

The License Manager daemon handles the initial contact with the Citrix product, passing the connection to the Citrix vendor daemon. It also starts the Citrix vendor daemon. The License Manager daemon uses TCP/IP port 27000 by default.

Citrix Vendor Daemon (Citrix.exe)

Licenses are granted by the Citrix vendor daemon, a process that runs on the license server. The Citrix vendor daemon tracks the number of licenses that are checked out and which product has them. Citrix products communicate with the Citrix vendor daemon using TCP/IP. By default, the Citrix vendor daemon uses a random TCP/IP port. The port is chosen when the service starts.

Note: If the license server is behind a firewall, you must assign a static port to the Citrix vendor daemon

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