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Citrix Workspace
Citrix Workspace will become one unified, contextual, secure offering. Citrix Workspace offers a user-centric experience where everything you need to work is in one unified app, with access and performance made simple based on user context and IT-designed conditions.

Citrix Workspace is composed of the following components depending on your edition and add-ons:

Citrix Workspace app Learn more
New mobile, web, and desktop experience bringing together all the apps and files you need to work.

Citrix Content Collaboration
transitioning from ShareFile

Citrix Endpoint Management
transitioning from XenMobile

Citrix Secure Browser
transitioning from XenApp secure browser

Citrix Hypervisor
transitioning from XenServer

Citrix App Layering Learn more

Citrix Virtual Apps
transitioning from XenApp

Citrix Virtual Desktops
transitioning from XenDesktop

Citrix Endpoint Management will continue to provide secure access to end-user apps you already use:

Citrix Networking
The extensive Citrix Networking portfolio, pieces of which were formerly called NetScaler and Cedexis, will expand further into software-defined networking. Citrix will now be the primary name in app delivery, with trusted security and visibility through intelligent analytics.

The Citrix Networking portfolio includes**:**

Citrix ADC
transitioning from NetScaler ADC

Citrix SD-WAN
transitioning from NetScaler SD-WAN

Citrix Web App Firewall
transitioning from NetScaler App Security, NetScaler App Firewall, and NetScaler Web App Security

Citrix Gateway
transitioning from NetScaler Unified Gateway and NetScaler Access Gateway

Citrix Application Delivery Management
transitioning from NetScaler Management and Analytics System

Citrix Secure Web Gateway
transitioning from NetScaler Secure Web Gateway

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management
transitioning from Cedexis Platform

Citrix Analytics

Citrix Analytics applies machine learning to provide user behavior analytics and proactive security insights. Citrix Analytics collects data across the Citrix portfolio generating actionable insights enabling administrators to proactively handle user and application security threats, improve application performance, and support continuous operations.
The Citrix analytics portfolio includes:

  • Citrix Analytics for Networking
  • Citrix Analytics for Workspaces Learn more

For more detail about our new names, see

New product and component version numbers

In this release, product and component version numbers are displayed in the format: YYMM.c.m.b.

  • YYMM = Year and month when the product or component released. For example, a release in September 2018 appears as 1809.
  • c = Citrix Cloud release number for the month.
  • m = Maintenance version (if applicable).
  • b = Build number. This field is shown only on the About page of the product, and in the OS’s feature for removing or changing programs.

For example, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 1809.1.0 indicates that the product released in September 2018, is associated with Citrix Cloud release 1 in that month, and is not a maintenance version. Some displays show only the version’s year and month: for example Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 1809.

In earlier releases of this product (XenApp and XenDesktop 7.18 and earlier), version numbers were displayed in the format: 7.version, where the version value incremented by one for each release. For example, the release following 7.17 was 7.18. Those earlier releases will not be updated with the new numbering format.

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