Citrix Provisioning Formerly Provisioning Services

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Citrix Provisioning is software streaming technology that delivers patches, updates, and other configuration information to multiple virtual desktop endpoints through a shared desktop image. It centralizes virtual machine management while reducing the operational and storage costs of a virtualized desktop environment.

Using citrix provisioning, you can stream OS from a single vhd/vhdx file to multiple VMs in your data center. Some of the benefits with citrix provisioning include:

  • This would reduce your storage footprint, as all the VMs would get OS from a single vhd/vhdx file from PVS. Based on your cache types, you can have your VMs with no hard disk at all, or with 10 gigs hard disk for cache.
  • You can manage that single vhd/vhdx for windows updates, application upgrades etc, and push these updates to all your VMs after reboot. You dont have to use software distribution tools like SCCM to update your VMs.
  • Updating the base vhdx is more easier than updating MCS images.

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