CPU Utilization Management

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The CPU utilization management feature can improve the ability of a farm to manage resources and normalize CPU peaks when the farm’s performance becomes limited by CPU-intensive operations.

In Windows, CPU utilization management entitles each user to an approximately equal amount of CPU, with each allocation being a relative percentage of the available CPU. However, if some users are not using their entitlement, that entitlement is divided among the processes from other users, provided those processes want to use the resource.

CPU utilization management shares processor resources equitably amongst users (fair sharing) and makes servers more responsive in periods with high processor loads. The effect of enabling the feature is that it can make applications respond faster than they would otherwise.

To determine if enabling CPU utilization management could be beneficial, check the CPU column and the Base Priority column in the Task Manager to see if there are processes from user sessions that consume inequitable amounts of CPU resources yet have the same priority.

You can configure the CPU utilization management feature using the following settings:

Fair sharing of CPU between sessions

  • Ensures that CPU resources are equitably shared among users by having the server allocate an equal share of the CPU to each user.

CPU sharing based on Resource Allotments

  • Determines CPU resource allotments for users based on their published application and session importance levels. For more information about resource allotments, see Using Preferential Load Balancing.

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