Desktop Studio Manual Installation Steps




The following pre-requisites are required to install and operate Desktop Studio:

  • Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 3.0

  • Microsoft PowerShell 2.0

  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1
    This is not platform specific and can be installed using the XenDesktop media at Support\DotNet35SP1\dotnetfx35.exe or using Windows Update.

  • Microsoft Shared Management Objects 2008 R2
    This can be installed using the XenDesktop media at:
    where x** is the platform (x86 or x64).
    It is important to select the correct version for your operating system.**
    Note**: For x64 systems, you need to install both x86 and x64 versions of the files.There are two installer files in the directory. These must be installed in this order:

    1. SQLSysClrTypes.msi
    2. SharedManagementObjects.msi


After the pre-requisites are installed, the following packages must be installed. All are available from the XenDesktop media and the installation order is not essential. ** (asterisks) are used where a platform decision must be made. Again, it is important to use the correct version for your operating system (x86 or x64).

  • PowerShell SDKs
    x**\Citrix Desktop Delivery Controller\ADIdentity_PowerShellSnapIn_x**.msi
    x**\Citrix Desktop Delivery Controller\Broker_PowerShellSnapIn_x**.msi
    x**\Citrix Desktop Delivery Controller\Configuration_PowerShellSnapIn_x**.msi
    x**\Citrix Desktop Delivery Controller\Host_PowerShellSnapIn_x**.msi
    x**\Citrix Desktop Delivery Controller\MachineCreation_PowerShellSnapIn_x**.msi
    x**\Citrix Desktop Delivery Controller\MachineIdentity_PowerShellSnapIn_x**.msi
    x**\Citrix Desktop Delivery Controller\Citrix.Common.Commands.Install_x**.msi
    x**\Licensing\ Licensing Config.PowerShellSnapIn.msi
    x**\Desktop Studio\PVS PowerShell SDK x**.msi
    x**\Citrix Policy\CitrixGroupPolicyManagement_x**.msi

  • Desktop Studio MMC Snap-in
    x**\Desktop Studio\Desktop Studio_x**.msi

Once all these components are installed, a Desktop Studio shortcut should be available in the Windows Start Menu. Alternatively, Desktop Studio can be started by starting the MMC and manually adding the Desktop Studio snap-in.

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