Enabling thin provisioning on an existing XenServer

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Enabling Thin Provisioning is an option during XenServer Installation. Thin Provisioned disks are a pre-requisite for using the new XenServer feature IntelliCache.

If you missed this option when creating the machine storage repository it is possible to enable the feature from the CLI afterwards. This will however destroy your Storage repository as the file format for Thin Provisioning is EXT3 as opposed to the standard LVM.

In some instances this method may still however be useful.

I got the command from the XenServer install guide CTX129387

These commands will destroy your existing local SR, and VMs on the SR will be permanently deleted.

localsr=`xe sr-list type=lvm host= params=uuid –minimal` echo localsr=$localsr pbd=`xe pbd-list sr-uuid=$localsr params=uuid –minimal` echo pbd=$pbd xe pbd-unplug uuid=$pbd xe pbd-destroy uuid=$pbd xe sr-forget uuid=$localsr sed -i “s/’lvm’/’ext’/” /etc/firstboot.d/data/default-storage.conf rm -f /etc/firstboot.d/state/10-prepare-storage rm -f /etc/firstboot.d/state/15-set-default-storage service firstboot start xe sr-list type=ext To enable local caching, enter the following commands: xe host-disable host= localsr=`xe sr-list type=ext host= params=uuid –minimal` xe host-enable-local-storage-caching host= sr-uuid=$localsr xe host-enable host=

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