High Availability for TFTP and vDisks

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There are different ways on how you can load balance TFTP. Below are the ways on how you can do so:

  • DNS Round Robin Entry
  • DHCP with Multiple Entries
  • Provisioning Services PXE Broadcast
  • Provisioning Services Boot Device Manager
  • NetScaler Use Source IP (USIP)
  • NetScaler Direct Server Return (DSR)
  • NetScaler Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)

Check out this document on detailed explanation: HA for TFTP with PVS

High Availability for PVS vDisks:

Easiest way to have high availability for PVS vDisks is to have vDisks on local storage on PVS server. Using xcopy or robocopy, sync updated vDisks manually.

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