IMA and SMA services not starting

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IMA Service and Citrix SMA Service fail to start and MFCOM Service is unresponsive, when the state of the status is Starting.

The reason in the Event viewer mentions that the SMA and IMA Service failed to start because a dependent Service or Service group could not be started.

When you start the MFCOM Service manually, it times out with the following error message:

“1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion”


When you check the services manager, the status of the MFCOM Service is “starting”. MFCOM and IMA Service fail to start because the IPSEC Service is set to Disabled or stopped.


To resolve the preceding issue, complete the following procedure:

  • Stop the mfcom.exe service by using the Task Manager.

  • Set the IPSEC Service to Automatic and restart it.

  • Start the IMA Service and the MFCOM Service.

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The below point is from my troubleshooting in an citrix issue:

  • Make sure your IMA service is set to Network Service. It should not be like logon as local service, or anything else. In particular you have any issues, only then change it to the id who has admin rights on the database. If not, IMA should be set to Network Service only.

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