Load Evaluator (Manager) values

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Below are the values for load manager:

  • 0 to 9998: This is the normal range for Load Manager.

  • 9999: No load evaluator is configured.

  • 10000: Load is at 100 percent (full load).

  • 20000: The Presentation Server Console contains an incorrect server edition or a license mismatch.

  • 99990: Results when a custom administrator with restricted rights runs the following QFARM commands:QFARM SERVER /APP QFARM /APP QFARM /APP <appname> QFARM /ZONEAPP

    Note: The QFARM command may not return any results when a custom administrator runs the following queries:


The following are explanations of the load levels:

9999 = No load balancing installed

0 to 9998 = “normal” load level

10000! = Application is disabled for this server

10000 = Load is at 100%

10001 = Out of licenses

10002 = Indicates that no ICA connections are available on that server. A few other conditions also cause this code to be returned:

If logons have been disabled on the server

If the server is out of swap space

If the application is disabled

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