Load Evaluators

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Working with Load Evaluators

These load evaluators are included in Load Manager:

  • Default. Load Manager attaches the Default load evaluator to each server after you add your license to the server farm. It contains two rules: Server User Load, which reports a full load when 100 users log on to the attached server; and Load Throttling, which specifies the impact that logging on has on load and limits the number of concurrent connection attempts the server is expected to handle.
  • Advanced. This load evaluator contains the CPU Utilization, Memory Usage, Page Swaps, and Load Throttling rules.

You can create new load evaluators based on the rules available in Load Manager.

Important: Each server or published application can have only one load evaluator attached to it.

You can attach one load evaluator to a server and one load evaluator to each published application on the same server. For example, you can keep the Default load evaluator attached to your server and attach another load evaluator to each of your published applications on that server.

Viewing Load Evaluator

  1. Depending on the version of XenApp you have installed:
    • From the Start menu, open All Programs > Citrix > Administration Tools and choose XenApp Advanced Configuration.
    • From the ICA toolbar, open the Presentation Server Console.
  2. Select Load Evaluators in the left pane.

Right-clicking a load evaluator allows you to copy it, delete it, view its properies, or create a new load evaluator.

Important: You cannot delete the Citrix-provided Advanced or Default load evaluators

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