Netscaler Gateway 404 Error Post Login

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After successfully logging into the NetScaler Gateway portal, users were expecting to see the list of available applications. Instead, they were greeted with a 404 error message: “File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.”

NetScaler Gateway 404 error


  • Verified netscaler gateway authentication using /tmp/aaad.debug. No errors were displayed in the output. This tells us the authentication is correct.

  • Next, verified the citrix storefront url login directly from each storefront server. was able to login and launch apps from each storefront server. This confirms issue is with netscaler.

  • Verified the session profile, published applications, and the web interface address on the netscaler. Everything was correct. It was on https and certificate was also installed on the backend storefront servers.


→ Following the session profile, under published applications tab, navigated to the web interface address option. It was a load balancing VIP on the same netscaler.

        → In that lb vip, we have storefront service group.

                    → In that service group there were two storefront servers which are for different environment. Not the correct ones. Both of them showed as down. So, it errored out.

Finally, under Traffic Management/ storefront load balancing vip/ service groups/ changed the storefront servers to the correct ones, which resolved the issue.

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