Export and Import Citrix ADC (Netscaler) portal theme to other Netscalers

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Export and Import Citrix ADC (Netscaler) portal theme:

If you have a lot of Netscaler devices to manage, creating themes on all those Netscalers will be difficult. You can use the below process to create a theme on one Netscaler and copy it to other Netscalers. If you have too many Netscalers, connecting to Netscalers via putty may be an easy way.

Steps for copying portal theme:

  • Create a new portal theme on the first Netscaler. Name it MyCustomTheme for example. Make necessary changes to the theme like changing background, and text, etc…
  • Create a new portal theme on the second Netscaler with the same theme name you used in the first Netscaler which is MyCustomTheme in our example.
  • Using WinSCP, go to/var/netscaler/logon/themes/ folder on first Netscaler and download MyCustomTheme folder to your computer. This folder will contain all the custom images and the text that you changed in your portal theme.
  • Using WinSCP connect to the second Netscaler and upload the MyCustomTheme folder from your computer to /var/netscaler/logon/themes folder on the second Netscaler. As it already has that folder, it will prompt whether you want to override those files. Say yes. Goto your Citrix gateway URL and check the changes.

Note: As we have copied the files manually, on the second Netscaler, we cannot manage the theme via GUI anymore. In case if you want to update the background image or change text etc, you have to perform those changes on a first Netscaler and copy the updated files again to the second Netscaler. Managing this theme from GUI won’t work anymore on the second Netscaler.

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