Printer and Encryption details in XenApp 5

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  • In order to replicate or autoadd printer drivers to all our xenapp servers, use printer management in xenapp advanced configuration. Install the printer driver first into your xenapp server, using the printer management, replicate it to other xenapp servers.

  • We can also set autoreplicate option in printer management so that any new xenapp server added to this farm will get that printer drivers added automatically. In order to use autoreplicate feature, right click on the driver and choose autoreplication option. Choose the source server and the driver so that any new xenapp server added to this farm will get that printer drivers added automatically.

  • Third option is network print servers. Click the print management and right click on the empty space to the right and choose import network print server.

  • Universal Print drivers, work with most of the printers, which are not more complicated ones.They can be configured via policy.

  • Enable encryption, ssl and tls protocols for an application client options in its properties.

  • When you select particular encryption level, when using web interface clients will be provided with this encryption. But if your clients are using program neighbourhood, they needs to be manually set with the level of encryption set in the application. Hence, we create a policy for this.

  • Securing ICA using this process is not an end-to-end solution. It is not much effective. Hence we use SSL/TLS for end-to-end encryption solution. In the application properties, enable ssl/tls option. But before doing this, we need to install server certificate into the server and then configure ssl/tls and then enable the option in application properties.

  • Check if ssl/tls and ssl relay both are same. For ssl relay, we have to configure it with a valid server certificate.

  • Enabling SSL/TLS is based on server-server. Hence if we want to enable ssl/tls, we need to do it in all the servers.

  • We need to download installation manager seperately from It is not available in the setup DVD.

  • After installation manager is installed, open mmc and add the installation manager snapin. For this, we need to create a shared folder(file share) and share it.

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