Raspberry pi very slow or not responding at all

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Have you configured raspberry pi in your environment? If yes, have you ever felt that it is very slow or not responding at all? I’ve had the same problem and I’ve fixed it. Read more to find the solutions that I’ve used to fix it.

I have been using raspberry pi from last 3 years with sandisk 32 GB SD card. If you’re using raspberrypi you already know by now, they don’t sell charging socket separately.

I’ve picked up an unused charging cable and a charger (I’ve used for charging phone). I’ve used it for my raspberry pi device. From day 1, I have seen warning messages like low voltage, under voltage etc on the screen but I didnt pay attention to it. In earlier raspbian OS, you’d see a yellow charge icon to the top right if you are on low voltage. On later raspbian OS, you’d see a warning message with text on top right.

I’ve been using pihole on raspberry pi. After 3 years, my pihole started behaving weird. All of sudden historic usage data was deleted. Rebooted multiple times but it didnt fix the problem. When I logged into raspberry pi, it was very very slow. If I click on anything it used to respond after 5-6 minutes. I wanted to format it and start fresh. When I tried to format it, on linux and windows, I got errors that the SD card cannot be formatted.

And finally, the solution:

I’ve replaced the SD card with a new one and installed latest raspbian OS and configured pihole. At the same time I’ve also bought a new charger from amazon, which is recommended for raspberry pi. Out of all the chargers I’ve tried, output is very low on them. On the one I’ve bought, output is 2.5 A, which is recommended for raspberry pi. After making these two changes, my raspberry pi with pihole is working as expected without any errors.

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