Reboot policy in XA6 Best Practice

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If we configure Reboot policies in Delivery Services Console, in most of the cases it might not work. All the registry settings would be fine and Citrix Modelling wizard would give positive results. But your Citrix XA servers wont reboot at the mentioned timings.Inorder to make your reboot policies work properly, you need to configure Microsoft GPO as stated follows:.

1. Ensure the “Reboot Behavior” policy is not configured in the Citrix Delivery Services Console.

2. In case if any policy is configured please disable it or delete it.

3. From the Group Policy Management console , select the group policy linked to the XA server OU for which the Reboot Behavior is to be configured

4. For example consider the Default Domain Policy is linked to XA OU.

5. From GPMC , browse to Computer Configuration  Policies  Citrix Policies  Create a new Policy say ‘Server Reboot’.

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