Recovering VMs From Snapshots

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To recover a VM from a scheduled snapshot

To recover a VM from a scheduled snapshot, you simply revert the VM to the specified snapshot.

  1. Select the VM and click on the Snapshots tab.
  2. To show scheduled snapshots (by default, they are not shown on this tab): click View and then Scheduled Snapshots.
  3. Select the scheduled snapshot you want to revert the VM to and then click Revert To.
  4. To take a new snapshot of the current state of VM before reverting it back to the scheduled snapshot, select the check box.
  5.  Click Yes to revert the VM back to the selected snapshot.

To recover a VM from an archived snapshot

To recover a VM from an archived scheduled snapshot, follow these steps:

  1. Mount the CIFS or NFS archive share target locally.
  2. Import the archive XVA file from the target using the Import wizard, as described in Import VMs from XVA. This will create a new custom VM template.
  3. Create a new VM based on the new template using the New VM wizard, as described in Creating a new VM.See Archive naming conventions for information on how archive folders and archived snapshots are named.

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