Black square rectangle on citrix applications or Citrix application flicker on accessing the app

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When users try to open the application, they get a black rectangle screen instead of the whole application.


The issue could be because of the monitor(s) that users attached to their laptop (or desktop). Ask users to remove all the external monitors and test launch the application on their laptop screen alone.


All the monitors that users connect to their laptop, should have the same monitor scaling and it should be less than or equal to 150%. If 150% doesn’t work in your case, change it to 125% or 100%. It should be less than 150%.

  • Disconnect all monitors from the laptop.
  • Open settings application on user’s laptop.
  • In the search type “display settings” and select the display settings option from the search results.
  • In Display settings, under scale and layout, click the first dropdown, as shown below.
  • Change it to 150%, and connect to the external monitor. If you have multiple monitors make sure you follow the same for all monitors. This should resolve the issue.

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