Redeploy Provisioning Services without Re-Installing

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If we want to rebuild our PVS server, It might be a very time taking process to uninstall all the components and reinstall them again. If we are working with production enviornment, we must be very careful and check if there are any components which are not properly uninstalled. If not, we again need to go for a fresh OS installation and proceed with pvs server installation. This might be a very frustrating process in case we are working in any test environment. I have overcome this obstacle just by doing a small activity. There might be other ways as well, but I am updating the process I did in my test environment.

  • Delete(I tried with renaming but got some errors) the database in your database server.
  • Open Provisioning Services Configuration Wizard.
  • Now choose dhcp settings, create new farm etc etc..
  • Create new farm and start using it.

If you want to maintain the database, first backup the database and perform above steps except deleting the database.


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