Redeploy XenDesktop Without Re-Installing

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If the administrator wishes to re-set up XenDesktop, it is strongly recommend that all the Desktop Delivery Controller machines are uninstalled before removing the database and then reinstall XenDesktop. However, when experiencing setup issues, this can be a very frustrating and time consuming process. This knowledge base article helps by demonstrating how to clean up the environment without the need to reinstall the system.


You must be able to run PowerShell as the XenDesktop Full Administrator (this is the administrator that was used to previous deploy XenDesktop), or, if XenDesktop has not been set up, you must be a domain administrator.


To clean the environment and remove the database, perform the following steps:

  • Load a PowerShell window as a full administrator (this is the administrator that was used to previous deploy XenDesktop)

  • Run the following command to initialise the PowerShell environment. Add-PSSnapin Citrix.

  • Inform the services to not use a database:

    Set-ConfigDBConnection -DBConnection $null

    Set-AcctDBConnection -DBConnection $null

    Set-HypDBConnection -DBConnection $null

    Set-ProvDBConnection -DBConnection $null

    Set-PvsVmDBConnection -DBConnection $null

    Set-BrokerDBConnection -DBConnection $null

Make sure these commands are run on every Desktop Delivery Controller that was previously set up to use the same database or deployment.

  • You should now have no connections on the database. Go to the database server and drop the database.

  • Now that the database has been dropped. Go to the first (or only) XenDesktop Deployment Controller and restart Desktop Studio. Desktop Studio will load with the initial setup options, following these options as if you have just installed XenDesktop.

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