Reset a Citrix Netscaler back to factory defaults

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On older Netscaler appliances, the command to clear your Netscaler configuration and reset it to factory defaults used to be:

clear config –c y

But on newer devices, the command is:

clear ns config level

where level is one of the following:

1. basic – which clears everything except NSIP, MIPs, SNIPs, network settings, HA, features, and the nsroot account

2. extended – which clears everything except NSIP, MIPs, SNIPs, network settings, & HA

3. full – which clears everything except teh NSIP and default gateway

So typically, I type this to do a full wipe:

clear ns config full

You can also do this through the GUI by going to System > Diagnostics > Maintenance > Clear Configuration. Use the drop down box to select basic, extended, or full then click the Run button.

With that said, I have run across newer devices (even running NS 9.1 and newer) that just don’t clear all their config info. For those, I have just done the following to reset:

  1. SSH using Putty into the Netscaler and login

  2. Type “shell” to enter shell

  3. cd /nsconfig

  4. Rename the configuration by typing “mv ns.conf ns.conf.bak”

  5. Type reboot

This should reset the device to the IP of with the nsroot/nsroot account credentials. Your licenses and SSL certs will remain though since these are files and not part of the Netscaler config. You will have to delete them manually via WinSCP.

UPDATE 6/29/10: To completely reset your Netscaler to “factory new” conditions, whole procedure is given here:

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