Send Message to users and Logoff after predefined time XenApp 7.6



As a part of reboot schedule, which is a inbuilt feature of xenapp 7.6, DC would send message to users before the time we set, and then logoff users from the servers and reboot. Recently I came across a task to send message to users and logoff users from a particular delivery group So, I wrote a powershell script for the same. Details given below:

Copy all the server names in the delivery group to serverslist.txt file.

In the script,You could add multiple start-sleep commands to send multiple messages to users as remainders. Example, Wait for 10 minutes after first message, then send second message, wait for 5 more minutes, and then logoff. Here we are logging off users after 15 minutes, where we are sending second message remainder after  5 minutes.

Script is available HERE

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