Server VDAs remain shutdown after schedule reboot

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Symptoms or Error

  • Intermittently few Server VDA’s remain shutdown and do not turn on automatically after scheduled reboot.
  • On the Delivery Controller below series of events are logged:

Event ID 3012 - Warning; “The Citrix Broker Service detected that power action ‘Shutdown’ (origin: Schedule) on virtual machine’domain\severname’ failed.”

Event ID 3104 - Information; “The Citrix Broker Service has completed the processing of the ‘GroupReboot’ for ‘xxxx’. The   reboot cycle (UID = ‘160’) successfully completed. Summary: ‘2’ machines successfully rebooted, ‘2’ machines failed to     reboot, ‘1’ machines were not processed” 10 mins after Event ID 3104, a below event is logged:

Event ID 3013 - Information; “The Citrix Broker Service successfully performed power action ‘TurnOff’ (origin: Schedule) on virtual machine ‘domain\servername’”

In the CDF logs from Delivery Controller you see the below event:

00:10:29:79404,8852,2148,0 ,“BrokerRebootSchedule:2:1:RebootCycle(163): Worker(SID) failed to reboot/shutdown within allowed time”,


You can increase the value of below registry keys as a workaround on the Delivery Controller:

1. HKLM\Software\Citrix\DesktopServer\SiteServices Name: MaxShutdownTimeSecs Value Type : REG_DWORD Default : 20 (sec) Info: Seconds Minimum=1 You can try setting this to 1800 (Seconds)

Reason for configuring: Maximum time that the Site Service Manager will wait during shutdown for all services active on the local controller to stop. Any services still active after this time will be assumed to have hung and will be stopped by virtue of the controller process exiting; if this occurs the service may not shutdown cleanly.

2. HKLM\SOFTWARE\Citrix\DesktopServer\RebootSchedule Name: MaxShutdownDelayMin Value Type : REG_DWORD Default : 10 Info: Minutes Minimum=1 Maximum=60 Description: Maximum time allowed for a VM to shut down during reboot cycle processing before the reboot of the VM is deemed to have failed.

Reason for configuring: Maximum time allowed for a VM to shutdown during reboot cycle processing before the reboot of the VM is deemed to have failed. This setting is also used in combination with the MaxRegistrationDelayMin setting to define the maximum allowed time for a machine (either physical or VM) to successfully reboot during reboot schedule processing.


Problem Cause

This usually happens when the Server VDAs does not shutdown gracefully in the stipulated amount of time.When a reboot action is initiated via Reboot Schedule, Delivery Controller sends a shutdown signal to the VDA but before that, it waits for the all user sessions to get logged off and services to shutdown.

If all the user sessions on the VDA are not logged off within 10 minutes and machine is not shutdown gracefully, then the Delivery Controller sends a force shutdown of the VDA and machine does not power on.


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