Session Reliability

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Session reliability is a XenApp and XenDesktop feature designed to keep sessions active when there is a network interruptions. This is for users who work from unreliable network like a mobile device, with no wifi.

User on wireless device who enters a tunnel may lose connectivity, under normal scenario, session would disconnect and user has to reconnect to his/her session. With session reliability, hdx traffic is encapsulated by CGP, over port 2598. When session reliability is enabled, last received image of the session is maintained on the screen when network is lost. CGP continuously tries to connect to the application automatically. When connected, application would behave normally as expected. Session reliability will dim the screen or application when network is interrupted and show a message on screen. Session reliability is controlled by XenApp and XenDesktop policy. By default this feature is enabled and this has a timeout of 3 minutes. To check whether session reliablility is enabled, open connection center on user’s end point device and click properties. It will show whether session reliablility is enabled or not.

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