Steps to configure Workspace Environment Management WEM in citrix cloud

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Below are the steps to perform to point your on-prem VDA to WEM on citrix cloud:

  • Login to citrix cloud portal and setup resource location.
  • Download cloud connector software to a windows server machine, and install it.
  • Connect to your cloud account after cloud connector software is installed.
  • Now copy the WEM admx and adml files on a win 10 machine, to c:\windows\policydefinitions or copy them to your AD server and configure a GPO to point to your wem agent on win10 to cloud connectors.
  • Install WEM software in your win 10 VDA machine.
  • Logon to your citrix cloud portal for WEM and add the computer account or setup auto discover computer agents by adding an OU.
  • Configure settings and hit apply.
  • Logon to win10 VDA and refresh agent. This will pull latest policies and settings.

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