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PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout


During a Ardence Client boot, the following error message is received:

“PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout"


This error message indicates that the TFTP open request was not acknowledged and that you will need to verify that the TFTP service is running.

If an Ardence Client encounters a “PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout” error message during the boot process, verify the following:

1. Spanning Tree is disabled on the switch port connected to the Client.

2. There is only one DHCP Server running on the network to which the Client is connected.

3. If the Ardence Server is running on a WinXP SP2 machine, the Windows Internet Connection Firewall (ICF), which is enabled by default, prevents the Ardence TFTP service from opening a UDP port to respond to the client’s request to download the bootstrap file. See below for information regarding how to configure Windows ICF to support TFTP requests.


To allow the Ardence TFTP service to respond to the client’s request, open the Windows Firewall configuration utility in the Control Panel on the Ardence Server and select the option to turn off the Firewall. Click OK to save the change.

Note: If, for security reasons, the Windows Firewall cannot be disabled, perform the following:

1. Click the Advanced tab.

2. In the Network Connection Settings window, select the active network interface.

3. Click Settings.

4. Under the Services tab, click Add.

5. Enter the following:

• Description of service: TFTP

• Name or IP address of the computer hosting this service on your network: IP address of Ardence Server

• External Port number for this service: UDP Port 69

6. Click OK (the Internal Port number will be the same as the External Port number).

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