A usable server cannot be found on which to launch the application

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When you click on a citrix application, ICA file downloads successfully. When clicking on the downloaded ICA file, it says:

" A usable server cannot be found on which to launch the application. Application: APPNAME, Client XXX (address:XXXX), user:XXXX. Check your worker group definitions and load balancing policies to verify appropriate servers are assigned for the application name."

Event id: 10001, Source: MetaFrameEvents, LogName: Application, Environment: <= xenapp 6.5 version


Login to ZDC server and run qfarm /load command. This will show the load for all the servers in the farm. Check the load for the problematic application’s application servers. They should show 10000. Load 10000 means load is 100%. Check out Load Manager values for more information.

Next login to one of the problematic server and open command prompt as admin. Run lodctr.exe /r command. In the output it says “Successfully rebuilt performance counter setting from system backup store”.

Restart the server. Goto application properties, remove all the servers and just add this rebooted server. Try to launch the application. It should work.

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