XA Troubleshooting

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  1. When there is a dependency for an application to start another exe before it is started, Created script in startup folder so that the supporting exe will be started up and users manually launch their required app later
  2. We use XenDesktop 7.5 with UPM 5.1, so the same user profile is used by XA. User’s default browser is Google Chrome. When he launch Outlook 2013 installed on server from Storefront and try to open URL from letter, an error “Application not found” is appears.Google Chrome is not installed on XA server. Is it possible to redirect URL opening to IE? If not, need I only install Google Chrome to server to open URLs from installed apps in it, if this browser is default in user profile? ANS: create script to check if chrome is installed. if yes, exit. if no, set ie as default browser.
  3. getting error while publishing app. change icon of that app and publish to diff folder.
  4. when you have multiple policies to be implemented, best practise is to use single GPO for all of them rather than creating multiple policies for all.
  5. default unfiltered policy must be at the bottom
  6. when there are 50 servers, advanced load evaluator is set for all the servers in unfiltered computer policy.but 2 servers still show default only. Gpudate, reboot, remove servers from farm and rejoin, all didnt work. ANS: There are two files responsible for enumerating and applying group policy changes in XenApp. They are both .gpf files here: C:\ProgramData\Citrix\Group Policy Delete those two files and reboot the system.
  7. when you have multiple reboot policies for xa servers, you can set one reboot policy on one day and create scheduled task do it next time. (This is a workaround, not exact solution). IMA takes only one reboot policy at a time. you cant create multiple reboot policies.
  8. if you have permissions to create ad policies, create AD policies rather than citrix policies.
  9. XenApp 6.x Session Limit policies are controlled through the Remote Desktop Services policy. The settings are enabled in the MMC or gpedit.msc: User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Session Host > Session Time Limits
  10. If the citrix policy is visible on some servers but not others then it’s because software is missing on the other servers. If the policy is missing on all servers then it’s probably datastore corruption and the database needs to be restored.
  11. gives more info about sessions: Citrix Management Session tools.
  12. out of 100 servers, only for one server, Load was going to a load of 20000 right away. Licensing was set in policy and was working for all other servers.Exporting HKLM\Software\Policies\Citrix and importing it on the broken machine and after restarting IMA, everything was working fine.For some reason, this one machine wasn’t getting all of the Citrix policies. It looks like it was getting the licensing information, but it wasn’t getting the version information (enterprise, platinum).
  13. We had issues on one of the xenapp server. For two of our users when connecting to one particular xenapp server, gives errors and application doesnt launch. To isolate the issue, we have disabled logons for all the servers one by one and  we asked user to login to the application everytime. For all the servers, application opened successfully but for one server, it gave errors. When we checked the server, user’s profile is getting corrupted on that server. In registry, we have identified that for the user’s profile .bak files are created. using delprof2 tool, we have removed their profiles completely and this solved the issue.
  14. Make sure your IMA service is set to Network Service. It should not be like logon as local service, or anything else. In particular you have any issues, only then change it to the id who has admin rights on the database. If not, IMA should be set to Network Service only.
  15. When opening xenapp console is slow, Untick the internet explorer preferences for ‘check for publishers certification revocation’, untick ‘check for server certificate revocation*’ and ‘check for signatures on downloaded programs’. If your xenapp applications are loading slowly, * My recommendation will be to check the system logs to make sure you don’t have system issues. * Make sure you have all of the recommended rollupack and hotfixed and MS updates. * Make sure you have all of the anti-virus exclusions in place. * Use DSCheck to determent potential issues.

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