XA5 to XA 6 migration



Inorder to migrate all your settings, applications, policies etc from xenapp 5 to xenapp 6, we need to install xenapp migration tool from first. Once downloaded and installed, perform the below steps to migrate all your settings, applications, policies etc.

1. On a XenApp 6 server, install the XenApp 6 Migration Tool

(Citrix.XenApp.Migration.Install_x64.msi), including the option to set the PowerShell execution policy to AllSigned

2. On the XenApp 6 server, access the tool via the Start->All Programs->Citrix->XenApp

Migration Tool menu or open a new PowerShell prompt and execute:

  • Import-Module citrix.xenapp.migration (if PowerShell was launched directly)
  • Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned (if the execution policy option wasn’t selected during the install)
  • Set-XAMigrationOption –RemoteServerName [servername] –passthru to designate a server in the legacy farm
  • Add-XAServerMapping [servername] [worker group name] to map a server in the legacy farm to a worker group in the XenApp 6 farm (a worker group will be created if it doesn’t already exist)
  • Start-XAMigration to transfer all settings

3. Perform post-migration steps

These steps are given in the TechnicalGuide. Click here to view.

But in my test enviornment I executed only

  1. set-executionpolicy remotesigned

  2. start-xamigration -remoteservername

and still it imported all the settings, applications, policies etc.. Please Remember that , I did in my test enviornment.

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