XenApp 5 WI Http Error: 503 Service Unavailable

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When you browse xenap5 web interface link, it might give “Http Error: 503 Service Unavailable” error.

Possible Solutions: if your xenapp 5 server is server 2008 64 bit, then you have to disable “Enable 32-bit applications” option to false as given below:

To allow the Web Interface to run as a 64-bit process on IIS 7.0

1. Open the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) IIS Manager snap-in on the server running the Web Interface.

2. In the left pane, click Application Pools and, in the Features View, select the application pool that your Web Interface site uses (usually called CitrixWebInterface5.0._x_AppPool).

3. In the Actions pane, click Advanced Settings.

4. In the General section, change the Enable 32-Bit Applications setting to False.

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