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How many users do you have? Are any of them currently using XenApp? Will you virtualise your servers? What do your users do? What applications do they use What do the applications do? Where are the users based? Where is the application infrastructure and data located? What printing do they do? How do users work remotely? Is high availability a key requirement? Will you consider user virtualisation and application virtualisation? Web Interface is going EOL in the not too distant future Have you considered XenDesktop 7? If you must use XenApp 6.5 what licenses will you purchase? Unless you buy Enterprise or Platinum you will not be able to upgrade to XenDesktop 7 later. Will you do a PoC?

For an Assessment on existing setup, some of the questions are:

what are the regular issues? How many users are affected? From when did we have this issue? Vdi performance slow. how frequent is this issue? weekly or monthly? How long is this happening from? Pull previous citrix tickets raised to internal citrix team in the company

Also if you don’t know anything about these product do some reading.

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