XenDesktop 7.X Definitions IMP

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The new FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) is a collection of services that work together to efficiently deliver hosted applications and server desktops at scale.

The Studio management console allows you to configure and manage your XenApp implementation.

Director is the web-based management console that enables IT support and Help Desk teams to monitor and troubleshoot a XenApp environment.

StoreFront is an integral component of any XenDesktop, XenApp,XenMobile, or VDI-in-a-Box implementation. It authenticates users to Microsoft Active Directory and manages the delivery of desktops and applications from your servers in the datacenter to users’devices.

The Delivery Controller authenticates and manages end-user access and brokers connections between end users and their virtual desktops and applications.

The Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) manages the HDX connection between physical or virtual machines that host applications and desktops, and endpoints running Citrix Receiver.

A site is used to organize resources much like a farm in previous releases. A site represents a single deployment and database.

A machine catalog is a collection of machines (physical or virtual) managed as a single entity that you allocate to end users through a Delivery Group.

A Delivery Group specifies who can use a set of applications or server desktops, as well as user settings.

Subscription Advantage and Licensing

When you purchase a new Citrix product, your purchase includes a one-year membership in Citrix Subscription Advantage. This membership entitles you to, among other benefits, any product updates, including major and minor releases, released during your membership period. For example, if you purchased XenApp, Advanced edition on July 22, 2009, you are entitled to any updates released for XenApp, Advanced edition until July 21, 2010. After your initial one-year membership period expires, you may choose to renew your Subscription Advantage membership. After paying Citrix for your renewal, you must go to and download a license file containing your renewal license.

Note: A Subscription Advantage membership and its associated license are distinct from your license to run the product. If you do not renew your Subscription Advantage membership, your Citrix products do not stop working; however, you are not entitled to any software releases after it expires.

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