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  • Maximum time allowed for registration sequence of a single VDA to complete is 600 secs. If the registration fails to complete within this time the VDA’s partial registration is discarded by the DDC.
  • Citrix Streaming / Offline Apps has been discontinued in XenDesktop 7 so you cant use streaming with XD7.
  • Difference between Provisioning services streamed vm setup wizard and xendesktop setup wizard: The Provisioning Services Streamed VM Setup Wizard assists in deploying a Provisioning Services streamed vDisk to a number of cloned virtual machines (VMs).Using a Provisioning Services streamed vDisk, the XenDesktop Setup Wizard assists in deploying virtual desktops to a number of cloned virtual machines (VMs) as well as to devices using the Personal vDisk feature.
  • With our VDA deployments we have had to deal with the “Citrix Desktop Service” (BrokerAgent) most often.  It does not totally crash out or not start like the IMA service would, but we have seen that restarting the service to force the VDA to re-register with the DDC fixes a lot of our connection issues.
  • Can we restart xendesktop 7 citrix services when users are connected? Yes, We can restart all citrix while users are connected. This is posted in CTX131267.

Restart the Citrix Site services on all the DDCs. Note: This may result in momentary disruptions of new connections, however current sessions are not affected.

Open PowerShell as admin and run the following commands:

Get-Service Citrix* | Stop-Service -Force
Get-Service Citrix* | Start-Service
  • Multiple machine catalogs can have same single snapshot. If you point your new machine catalog to a vm, it will create snapshot and point your new machine catalog to it. If you point your new machine catalog to a snapshot, it will NOT create any additional snapshots.
  • For troubleshooting, use Citrix quick launch tool. This tool would connect to apps directly so that we know if it is an application server issue, application issue or Netscaler issue etc…
  • when users are connected, if we restart the xd core controller servers sessions wont be disconneted or there wont be any issue to the existing sessions. Only new connections would be affected.
  • Use citrix policy to logoff users sessions, as shown below. We tried with AD logoff policy and that didnt work.

Note: All machines in existing machines, machine catalog(created by adding already existing machines), would show as console sessions if you use qwinsta or quser. Use this disconnected and idle policies on mcs or pvs machines.

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