XenServer CLI Overview

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  • Automatically installed on all XS hosts
  • Included with XenCenter
  • Available as standalone remote CLI-Linux
  • Available for install on windows
  • SSL Connectivity
  • Runs against pool master server
  • Runs against any host member by using host id.

Monitoring XenServer

  • Alerts visible from XenCenter GUI
  • Can be emailed to resource pool admin
  • Can support custom fields and tags
  • Can support custom searches
  • Use XENTOP tool to monitor XS in real time

Events and Alerts

  • Logging to a syslog server
  • Alerts for defined events: -Resource pool overcommitted alert -Failed NIC bond _-_Failed tolerable XS host -Multipathing failure -XenCenter out of date or new version available
  • Alerts can be set at XS or VM level

XenServer CLI commands are given here.

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