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Citrix Access Gateway is a secure application access solution that provides administrators granular application-level policy and action controls to secure access to applications and data while allowing users to work from anywhere. It gives IT administrators a single point of control and tools to help ensure compliance with regulations and the highest levels of information security across and outside the enterprise. At the same time, it empowers users with a single point of access—optimized for roles, devices, and networks—to the enterprise applications and data they need. This unique combination of capabilities helps maximize the productivity of today’s mobile workforce.

How Access Gateway works

Citrix Access Gateway is a secure access solution that provides administrators with application control while empowering users with access from anywhere. With flexible deployment options and a single point of management, IT administrators set policies—based on roles, devices, and networks—to control access and user actions, ensuring better security and compliance management.

Identify device, user, and location

When users attempt to connect to corporate resources, Access Gateway collects and verifies information including client device configuration, user identity, and network location to ensure compliance with security policies and to optimize the user experience.

Establish a secure, accelerated connection

Access Gateway establishes an encrypted connection between the client and datacenter to ensure desktops, applications, e-mail, and other resources are securely accessed from anywhere. Access Gateway also works with Citrix Branch Repeater to accelerate each connection and deliver a high-performance experience.

Adapt access and application actions

Once a session is established, information collected about the connecting device, user, and location dynamically adapts the level of access and available actions. This ensures that the data needed is delivered to users in the most secure manner according to their particular access scenarios.

Monitor sessions in real time and reconnect as users roam

Access Gateway monitors active connections in real time to detect when a user roams between networks or moves between devices. When this occurs, Access Gateway transparently reconnects the session and dynamically adapts access and available actions to ensure security as the user’s access scenario changes.

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