AD Discovery in XenDesktop 5.6

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XenDesktop Active Directory Configuration Wizard is not available in XenDesktop 5.x.


If you decide to use Active Directory-based controller discovery in your environment, in the previous versions of XenDesktop, you could use Active Directory (AD) Configuration Wizard to create and configure the AD Organizational Unit (OU) for the farm but in XenDesktop 5.x, you have to use PowerShell script to perform that configuration.

AD-based Controller Discovery

Complete the following in order to configure your environment for AD-based controller discovery:

  • Run the PowerShell script Set-ADControllerDiscovery.ps1 that is installed on each controller in the folder $Env:ProgramFiles\Citrix\Broker\Service\Setup Scripts.

  • Run the script on the controller in the site. Note: The user who runs the script must have full administrator rights of the controller and must have appropriate permissions to make changes in the relevant OU in AD.

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