XenApp application doesnt work because of network drive issue



Problem: We have published an application in citrix. As most of the companys do, our profile directories are redirected to network share(say G: \\server1\%username%$). The application we published generates some reports and it saves to G:\Appfolder. Now when user opens the ica file in his own computer, application starts and it pulls the G: into the citrix session and the reports will get saved in the folder I gave above. All of a sudden, while generating report the application throws an error, G:\Appfolder doesnt exist or cannot be contacted.

Solution: when I tried to ping the sharename from citrix server it didnt ping. But when I tried to ping the IP address it is pinging. Hence, I concluded that there is something going on with DNS. I then tried to ping fqdn, then it pinged. Now I opened my lan connection properties, Internet Protocol, Properties, Advanced option, DNS tab. There you will find Append these dns suffixes( in order) option. I have added all my domains there and when I just pinged server1 from my citrix server, it pinged and issue is resolved.

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