"Cannot bind argument to parameter 'ADAccountName' because it is an empty string" error when creating new machines in machine catalog

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When you create new machines in machine catalog, only some of the computer accounts would be created, and some other ad accounts would be created from citrix end, but in AD, it doesnt create those accounts.

you can check them by powershell:

Add-pssnapin citrix\*
Get-AcctADAccount -IdentityPoolName machinecatalogname | ? {$\_.State -eq "Available" -and !($\_.ADAccountName)}

Get the ADAccountSid value from above command, and use below command to remove those orphan AD accounts from citrix.

Remove-AcctADAccount -IdentityPoolName Machinecatalogname -ADAccountSid S-1-5-234-234-234-234-324-324

Try to publish new machines now. All your new machines will be created at a single shot.

More info: CTX200655

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