Change Machine Catalog Resources

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First view existing resources using below process:

Open powershell console and run below commands:

Add-pssnapin citrix\*
Get-ProvScheme -ProvisioningSchemeName MachineCatalogName

To update master image, follow steps given here:

To increase cpu and hard disk size, you need to open master image, create new snapshot and update that snapshot as given in above link.

To change network resources, follow any one of the below steps as per your requirement:

To update VLAN,

  • Use get-item xdhyp:\\hostingunits\\<hostname> to view current configuration. Note down networkpath value. It should be something like xdhyp:\\connections\\somename\\datacenterName\\ClusterName\\
  • Now we need to change the vlan, use Set-item _xdhyp:\\hostingunits\\<hostname> -networkpath xdhyp:\\connections\\somename\\datacenterName\\ClusterName\\ Note: Before you execute this command, check your new vlan network path like xdhyp:\\connections\\somename\\datacenterName\\ClusterName.

If you have multiple vlans, executing above command will remove all the vlans and set only one vlan(the one executed in above command) to this machine catalog. If you have one faulty vlan, and if you want to remove it, use:

xdhyp:\\hostingunits\\<hostname> -networkpath xdhyp:\\connections\\somename\\datacenterName\\ClusterName\\

xdhyp:\\hostingunits\\<hostname> -networkpath xdhyp:\\connections\\somename\\datacenterName\\ClusterName\\

xdhyp:\\hostingunits\\<hostname> -networkpath xdhyp:\\connections\\somename\\datacenterName\\ClusterName\\

ie., add all your networks except your faulty vlan. So this command will set your hosting unit with only the network names you mentioned.

From the above command, first vlan name is set as networkpath value, and rest of all other vlans are in permitted networks column. Use get-item xdhyp:\\hostingunits\\<hostname> to see these parameters.

If above powershell command doesnt work, you need to remove existing resources in hosting tab in studio and re-add them. Then use above powershell command.

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