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After logging into netscaler gateway portal, users get “Cannot complete your request” error.


You should be able to ping your storefront base URL from your storefront server. If not, you ll get “there was an error during a resources list request” error in your storefront server. End users will get “Cannot complete your request” error after logging into the netscaler gateway portal.

You will have multiple storefront servers for your citrix site. Lets say 4 storefront servers. You cant create a dns entry with round robin etc for this. Because when request comes to storefront1, because of round robin if it resolves to storefront4, it might cause errors. So, DNS might not be a viable option.

To resolve this, create a local host entry on all storefront servers with the storefront server ip and the storefront base URL. So from all storefront servers if you ping the base url, it will resolve to its local storefront ip and it will work.

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