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Randomly on netscaler 13.1 51.15, to versions, when users open citrix netscaler gateway portal page, enter their credentials and click signin, they are redirected to the citrix netscaler gateway portal page again with username and password prompt instead of logging in and showing the applications/desktops.


  • Goto your storefront server, select stores to the left, and select “manage receiver for web sites” option to the right.
  • select your receiver for web URL, click configure.
  • select “session settings” option and note down the value for “session timeout”. If you don’t have any value set here, continue to next step configuring the netscaler.
  • goto your netscaler and navigate to Citrix Gateway » Virtual servers » select your gateway virtual server » Session policies » check the box for web policy, and select Edit profile under select action drop down » Client experience » Session Time-out (mins).
  • Enter the value you noted down from storefront server “session timeout” option (Ex: 20). If you dont have any session timeout value in storefront server, enter any value that you’d like to set as session timeout value. Ex: 20
  • save and close.

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