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In any organization, it is the Citrix team’s responsibility to check the Citrix license usage. We do not have a license usage monitoring and notification feature directly available in all the Citrix versions. This monitoring and reporting feature is available in Citrix Cloud. Citrix Director shows the information but we have to login to the Director portal to see this alert. But in some environments, the Citrix team may not login to the Director portal every day. So, how do they get notified on peak license usage?

I have encountered the same problem and came up with a script. With this script, you don’t have to monitor licenses every day. It automatically emails you when the licenses are less than 10%.  You can change these values as per your environment.

changelog: Added code to the script which will save the license usage data to a SQL database. You can maintain Citrix license usage data for longer periods of time with this. Please refer to Write License Usage data to a database.ps1 file in the below GitHub repository.

Script and Usage details are given here:

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