NetScaler Admin portal white page issue post login

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NetScaler NSIP shows a white page on the browser while using a custom theme:

Note: Below steps work only when using a custom theme.

/var/netscaler/gui/admin_ui - folder will have files and folders required to load the GUI admin portal when you connect to NSIP via the browser. When you upgrade your firmware to the next version, files and folders in this admin_ui folder will be upgraded as this is a system folder, which is created by NetScaler.

As part of custom theme creation, we will create /var/ns_gui_custom folder ourselves and copy some custom files and the admin_ui folder there. They will not be upgraded after the firmware upgrade. So, after you set your theme to Custom in “client experience” tab in Global settings, you may see a white page on your admin GUI portal when connected via a browser.  You may also see this issue after NetScaler is rebooted. So, you have to copy the admin_ui folder again. Follow below steps to do so:

Login to NetScaler via putty and execute the below commands in shell prompt.

  • cd /var/ns_gui_custom/ns_gui
  • mv admin_ui admin_ui_old (or add a number and increment that number if you want to have that folder as backup, or you can delete it as well).
  • cp -r /var/netscaler/gui/admin_ui /var/ns_gui_custom/ns_gui/

Now open the NetScaler’s NSIP from your browser and login. It should work. You don’t have to reboot your NetScaler when you do this.

Note that while you copy from putty, if you type /var/netscaler/gui/ad and press tab, it will show as admin_ui/. When tab is pressed, it will add / at the end. This will copy all the folders inside admin_ui to /var/ns_gui_custom/ns_gui folder. It wont copy admin_ui folder instead, it copies the contents inside the admin_ui folder. If you are familiar with linux, you will use tab completion for folder names. Make sure there is no / after admin_ui in cp-r command given above.

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