Citrix PVS Ports

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Provisioning Services Ports:

Source Destination Type Port Details
Provisioning Server Provisioning Server UDP 6890– 6909 Inter-server communication
Microsoft SQL Server TCP 1433 Communication with Microsoft SQL Server
Domain Controller TCP 389 Communication with Active Directory
Target Device (PVS outbound Broadcast/DHCPServer UDP 67 / 4011 Optional: Obtaining network boot information in case DHCP options 66 -TFTP Server Name (Bootstrap Protocol Server) and 67-Boot file Name (Bootstrap Protocol Client) are not configured or boot from ISO/ local disk not used.
communication on ports 6901, 6902 and 6905 for Target Devices starting with version 6.0) Broadcast/  PXEService UDP 69 Trivial File Transfer (TFTP) for Bootstrap delivery
TFTP Server UDP 6910 Target Device logon at Provisioning services
Provisioning Server UDP 6910– 6930 vDisk Streaming (Streaming Service) (configurable)
UDP 6969 and 2071 Two Stage Boot (BDM). Used in boot from ISO or USB scenarios only.
TCP 54321-54323 SOAP Service – Used by Imaging Wizards
Admin Workstation Provisioning Server TCP 54321-54323 SOAP Service – Used by Console and APIs (MCLI, PowerShell, etc.)

Source: Tech Paper: Communication Ports Used by Citrix Technologies

Controllers to Provisioning Servers        TCP 54321, TCP 54322, TCP 54323. And also imazing wizard to soap service and pvs console to pvs server.

Provisioning Servers to Target Devices        UDP 6901, UDP 6902

UDP 6905        Provisioning Services Console Target Device power actions (e.g. Restart)

Target devices to pvs server for streaming: 6910-6969

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