Citrix desktop service failed to register with any controller - Not registered in citrix studio

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Issue: VDI appears as not registered in studio console.

Event Viewer shows 1017 error:

The citrix desktop service failed to register with any controller. The service will try registering again approximately X seconds.


  1. Run Citrix Health Assistant tool. This will identify any errors with registration and domain memberships etc..
  2. Make sure you use the correct port number for your VDA registration. By default it is 80. In case in your organization if it is changed, you have to use the same port number. Goto add or remove programs, edit vda application, and enter the customized port number used in your organization.
  3. In gpedit.msc on your VDI, goto Computer Configuration –>Windows Settings –>Security Settings –>Local Policies –>User Rights Assignment –> “Access this computer from the network”
  4. Click Add user or group and add Everyone.  (If this doesnt resolve Click ‘Add User or Group’.   Change the Object Types to include “Computers”. Type the names of the Delivery Controller(s).  Click ‘Check Names’.  Click OK to save the change.  There will be several warnings.)
  5. Restart citrix desktop service. This should register VDA with citrix DDC.

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