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When a new employee joins a company, as part of the onboarding process, the service desk team receives a ticket for VDI assignment for that employee. They route it to the Citrix team for VDI assignment. It is a very small task for the Citrix team which is, pick up userid from the ticket, grab a fee VDI, and assign it.

Similarly, when an employee leaves an organization, their VDI should be unassigned and deleted. Again, the Citrix team gets a ticket for VDI unassignment.

What if these two tasks are handled by the service desk team itself, and it never reaches the Citrix team? So, the Citrix team can work on some other issues. For this to happen, the service desk team needs a script or tool for VDI assignment and unassignment. So, I came up with this tool for the same. Service desk team needs access to Citrix site to assign and unassign VDI.
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Thinking of, what if there are no free VDIs in the pool? I got a solution for that too. Use my VDI auto-deploy script, it maintains free VDIs in the pool. More information here: Auto Deploy new VDI in xendesktop catalog

Note that, this tool will

  • Add the user’s ID to the delivery group’s Active Directory group. Service desk team does it anyway.
  • Remove VDI from your hypervisor when “Unassign VDI” is used.

Here is how it looks and link to my GitHub repo:
VDI Assignment Tool

Check out my GitHub repo for more information on this tool usage and more details:

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