Delegating Administration in XenDesktop 5.6

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Citrix administrators are not set up automatically during XenDesktop installation. After installation, only local administrators on the server running the Controller have full administrative privileges, with authority to manage and administer all areas of the XenDesktop site. Only an administrator with full rights can create additional full or delegated administrators.

Note: Local administrators on the Controller always have full administrative privileges; these privileges always take precedence, regardless of delegated privileges that may later be explicitly assigned by Citrix administrators. However, Citrix recommends that for normal operation, you create Citrix administrators with the appropriate rights, rather than use the Local administrators account.

Granting local administrators on the Controller full rights allows these administrators to configure the XenDesktop deployment and prevents a deployment from unintentionally being rendered unmanageable should all explicit administrators be removed.

XenDesktop Administration Roles

There are five types of XenDesktop administrator:

  • Full administrator. This administrator has full administration rights with authority to manage and administer the entire XenDesktop site. Full administrators can perform any of the roles listed below, such as that of the machine or assignment administrator. Following XenDesktop installation, only local administrators on the server running the Controller have this role and can create further full or delegated administrators. Note that, to configure hosts, you must be a full administrator.
  • Read-only administrator. This administrator can see all aspects of the XenDesktop site but has no authority to change any settings; any attempted edits will not be saved.
  • Machine administrator. This administrator owns the catalogs and is responsible for building the virtual desktops. The machine administrator can specify which assignment administrators can consume the images created. This administrator can also see other aspects of the XenDesktop site.
  • Assignment administrator. This administrator takes the virtual desktops created by the machine administrator, wraps these in one or more desktop groups and assigns them to users. The assignment administrator can specify which help desk administrators are permitted to support these users; for example, based on geographical roles. This administrator can also see other aspects of the XenDesktop site.
  • Help desk administrator. This administrator performs day-to-day monitoring and maintenance tasks. Help desk administrators can perform the following actions on desktop groups:
    • Send messages
    • Session controls: Disconnect; Logoff
    • Power controls (XenServer; this may differ on other hosts): Suspend; Restart; Force restart; Shut down; Force shutdown; Start

Note: For more information about displaying administration rights and creating additional administrators, see Delegating Administration Tasks. For more information about Desktop Director administration roles, see the Desktop Director documentation.

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