How to Renew Free XenServer Licenses

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This article describes the process of updating a Free XenServer license at renewal time. The procedure leverages XenCenter and assumes an internet connection from the XenCenter console to the activation server.


Starting in April 2009, Citrix began offering a free edition of XenServer with an annual renewal requirement. As with the initial free license, renewing a Free XenServer license requires activation of the affected XenServer hosts.

In return for providing the Free XenServer product to customers, Citrix asks for annual re-activation for two reasons:

  • To be able to accurately measure the size of the install base of XenServer

  • To support business decisions such as staffing levels for the technical support and research and development teams


To renew a Free XenServer license, complete the following procedure:

1. Open XenCenter.

2. If you have XenServer licenses expiring within 30 days, the License Manager automatically open. If it does not, open it from the XenCenter menu by selecting Tools > License Manager.

3. XenServer hosts requiring renewal licenses have a check box preceding the host name, and indicate the number of days remaining until license expiration.

4. Press Select All to update all hosts.

5. Press Activate to start the activation process.

6. Enter the requested information, and press Request Activation. The license file is emailed, within 10 minutes, to the email address you supply.

7. Upon receipt of the license file email, apply the license to each host by opening the XenCenter menu Server > Install License Key.

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