Publish Citrix application to specific servers in delivery group

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We may end up in a situation where we have delivery group with multiple servers (Let’s say 10 ) out of which application owners need to publish an application from only given set of servers ( Let’s say 5 ) from those servers.

This is how the process goes:
Application Launch Process

Follow below process to publish application to only few servers in a delivery group.

  1. Create a tag and add required servers to the tag. Go to “search” in studio, select the servers that you want to add the tag, click “Manage Tags” in the right. Create a new tag for those servers.
  2. To verify if correct servers are added to the tag, use below posh command: Get-BrokerDesktop | Select-Object DNSName,Tags
  3. Create application group and add the same tag in the application group. Go to applications tab, and click “Create Application Group” option to do so.
  4. Use “Restrict launches to machines with tag” option and select your tag from the drop-down. It will show how many machines are in that particular tag if you scroll down through delivery groups in the below column.
  5. Continue creating application group. In Applications tab, select the application you want this tag to be applied.
  6. Give a name to application group and save.
  7. Goto application properties and remove delivery groups (if you have any) under “Groups” tab. Make sure you see the application group and no other groups (like delivery groups) added there.
  8. Login to the application through Citrix and check the server name in receiver’s connection center.

Other servers in the delivery group will still work and host other applications without any issues.

If you go to the application properties, under “Groups” tab, you will see the application group that you created now, which shows the application is under that specific application group.

Note: For existing application you may create a tag and add servers, go to application properties, under manage tags, enable the tag. This process doesn’t work as the application will have delivery group already. Creating application group and adding it to the application works perfectly.


  • If users complain that they are not able to see the application, goto application properties , under “Description and Keywords:” column enter “KEYWORDS:Mandatory”. This will force application to be visible to users.
  • If nothing is working out, add delivery group to the application properties and check. Note that this is only for testing.

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